Somalia gains confidence of WTF

Somali Taekwondo National Team had a meeting with the president of World Taekwondo Federation, Mr. Chungwon Choue, his assistant Mr. Stephen Donnell and the secretary General Dr. Jean-Marie Ayer. The main issue of the meeting was to recognise the Somali Taekwondo National Team as an Official Taekwondo Federation. After 20 years of civil war, Somalia started to grow through the sport, and Taekwondo has been the main sport after some positive international results.

During the meeting, Deqa Niamkey (NOC SOM Development Manager) showed the project that the Somali Olympic Committee have done to contribute to the development of taekwondo and many other sports. Somali athletes living abroad are the Somali hope for winning a medal in the Olympic games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Elton de Souza, Deqa Niamkey, Choue Chung-won, Faisal J. Aweys, Dr.Jean-Marie Ayer.

With the agreement of WTF (World Taekwondo Federation), Somalia will be represented in July by two national athletes (Faisal J. Aweys and Mohamed-deq Abdule) in the World Championship Puebla, Mexico.

The participation of World Taekwondo Championship will create the possibility for the two athletes to be in Rio de Janeiro for the Olympic Games 2016 promoting Somalis image and helping the country with a better future. “We have great chances to be a surprise in the Olympic Games and we are working hard for it. Somalia deserves to be recognized in the sporting world. Taekwondo will make this dream become true.” Said the coach Elton de Souza to

A gift from the President of World Taekwondo Federation Mr. Chungwon Choue

An article was made by the WTF about the first international medal won by Somalia in an event sponsored by the World Taekwondo Federation. With the main body of international taekwondo alongside the Somali National Taekwondo Team, other countries will be able to more easily accept the registration of Somalia to participate in the championships, something that has been a huge obstacle to them.

Official article by the World Taekwondo Federation