Austria Open 2013

Innsbruck - Tirol, over 1300 fighters, the Somali National Team did quite well. Between loads of National Team’s from all around the World, Faisal Aweys had 50 competitors on his category. First fight was a bit hard; Faisal won against Marek Trieb from Czech National Team on the golden point. Later on Faisal did well and beat the Italian Antonio Mazza.

Faisal Aweys representing Somali Taekwondo National Team.

The 3th fight was the hardest one for Faisal Aweys, fighting against Toni Segedin from Croatia National Team. First round finished 0x0 with Faisal controlling the fight but at the of second round, Faisal started losing the fight and lost his control of the fight, the Croatian knew how to manage the fight till the end and beat Faisal. The Croatian Toni Segedin finished on 2nd place losing against Deni Andrun Razic, another Croatian National Team.

Mohamed-deq Abdule the young Somali Boy 17 years old participate of his first Class A tournament in an adult category. His first fight was against Israel National Team, even with a little fear of fighting against experienced adults Mohamed-deq didn’t make things easy for his opponent. The first round the fight finished 0x0. Mohamed-deq started the 2nd round defending , but Israel managed score 4x0. 3th and last round , Mohamed-deq had to make up the points and attack, bringing the score to 6x4 for him. At the end Israel scored 3 points with a head kick and started defending, finishing the fight 7x6 for Israel.

“This tournament was to prepare the Somali National Team to fight the World Championship in July – Puebla Mexico. We are going to make some correction but the result itself was really good and we are learning more and more. In the world of taekwondo, no one knows Somalia, but we arrive there and we are getting respect from every opponent. We are not easy to beat and we might be the big surprise in July” said the Somali coach Elton de Souza.

Faisal Aweys Somali National Team and Marek Trieb Czech National Team

Before the World Taekwondo Championship the Somali Taekwondo National Team has one more high level tournament in a week (08 and 09 June) in Switzerland (Swiss Open 2013). The level might be higher than Class A, seeing that it’s going to be a G1 tournament worth points to the World Taekwondo Federation Ranking.

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