Somali Taekwondo Federation Developed a Program for Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Brazil.

The new Vice President and Head of International Relations of Somali Taekwondo Federation, Mr. Ahmed Issa Kirish came to visit in Lausanne, Switzerland. The main purpose of his visit was to meet and discuss the Somali Taekwondo National Team as well as visiting their training facilities and set up objectives for 2014/15 development program.

Mohamed-Deq, Elton de Souza, Mr and Faisal Aweys

From left side: Mohamed-Deq ( Athlete ), Elton de Souza ( Coach ), Mr. Kirish (Vice President) and Faisal Aweys (Athlete)

The WTF has acknowledged our results and honoured the Somali Taekwondo Federation with the assignment of responsible roles in its institutional structure. A new preparation of training program will start in Jan 2014 focusing through Continental Qualification Tournaments (QTC), a total of 72 athletes (36 male and 36 female) will be qualified for the Olympic Games. Africa has Qualification places 16 and only the top 2 athletes per division will qualify the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Believing our best times are still to come, we have set a new goal and challenge: to break through at the very highest levels. From the Olympic perspective, our work in 2014 – 2015 is already focused on the next Summer Olympic Games in Rio 2016, Brazil, A strategy have been created with new members such as nutritionist, physical trainer, physiotherapist, trainer, and technical assistants, thus strengthening the preparation of athletes etc.

The expectations are high and we have great chances to qualify for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Games in Brazil. We are pleased that that the Somali Taekwondo National Team is among the top ten of African Taekwondo teams and hopefully in 2014/15 we will be among the first top two. The National team had a good performance at the Islamic Games and they showed commitment.” Said the Head Coach – Elton de Souza.

Finally, the Vice President Mr. Kirish thanked Somali National Olympic Committee for their assistance and the Somali Taekwondo National team for their hard work and participation for both the 2013 World Taekwondo Championship in Puebla, Mexico and Islamic Solidarity Games in Jakarta, Indonesia. This is great achievement for the Somali National Team, we also can’t forget international contests where the Somali Taekwondo National Team have obtained brilliant results, allowing the federation to become recognised in the different categories at the global level. The National team is planning to have technical training exchange with other countries that have already a high level on Taekwondo, developing and growing the athletes.

Vice President Mr. Kirish try the Dobok ( Taekwondo costume ) from Somali Taekwondo National Team.