The success of Somali National Taekwondo Team continues as they won more medals.

Somali Taekwondo National athletes representing the country for International Schaffhausen Open Championship in Switzerland have won a gold cup and two silver medals adding to their previous honours won in Egypt and Germany earlier this year.

Faisal J. Aweys who has been competing in the senior competition has won a Gold cup after winning 3 fights against German and 2 Swiss fighters.

"The second Swiss fighter gave up the fight after Faisal J. Aweys showed that his level was too high for him. Faisal was continuously winning points against all of his opponents kicking their head loads of times, for instance Faisal won over twenty points in his second fight" Said the delighted coach Elton de Souza.

Mohamed Deq Abdule who has been competing in the adult category for the first time thrashed a German fighter in the first round of the fight after the German gave up the fight losing 6-0.

Mohamed lost 4x3 in the final against the real Swiss Champion. According to the organisers and his coach this was a very good fight for Mohamed who fought in this category for the first time. Mohamed turned 17 on Saturday and to fight against a 28 year old champion the way he did shows his dedication and desire to win for his country.

Mikail Salah, the youngest Somalian Taekwondo Fighter is only 11 years old and has a dream to represent for his country in international competitions and one day go back and help in his native country. Mikail won silver medal which indicates that he has a great future in the taekwondo.